Electronic Prescription Processing


Welcome to the area for the Electronic Prescription Processing project, an EPSRC funded project being undertaken by the Information Systems Security Research Group at the University of Salford.  This page provides information and resources regarding work in-progress and completed on the project.  All of the work-in-progress section is open to dicussion and feedback is welcome on any aspect of it.  To access the work-in-progress page you will need a username and password.  If you do not have one and believe you should please email David Chadwick.

The part of the site is divided in two sections


This section contains documents and information about areas still under development/discussion.  Please click the button to enter.

Completed Work

This section contains completed finalised work that can be viewed by anyone.  Please click below to enter.


Here you will find useful links related to the project.

Department of Health Electronic Prescribing Page