Class Summary
AttCertIssuer This class represents the AttCertIssuer ASN.1 construct.
AttCertValidityPeriod This class represents the AttCertValidityPeriod ASN.1 construct, which is basically a sequence of two GeneralizedTime.
AttCertVersion This class represents the AttCertVersion ASN.1 construct.
Attribute This class represents an Attribute ASN.1 construct.
AttributeCertificate This is the class representing AttributeCertificate ASN.1 construct as per X.509(2000) draft v6.
AttributeCertificateInfo This class represents the AttributeCertificateInfo ASN.1 construct.
AttributeValue This is a default AttributeValue object used in the Attribute construct.
DistinctAttribute This is an abstract class for AttributeValue descendants, so they will need just to redefine decode(ASN1Object) and toASN1Object() routines their own way.
Extension This is the class representing the Extension ASN.1 construct.
Extensions This is the class that represents the Extensions ASN.1 construct.
Generalized_Time This is the class that represents the GeneralizedTime ASN.1 construct.
Holder This is the class for the Holder ASN.1 construct.
IssuerSerial This class represents the IssuerSerial ASN.1 construct.
ObjectDigestInfo This class represents the ObjectDigestInfo ASN.1 construct.
Util This class contains various utility routines for converting things from one representation into another.
V2Form This class represents the V2Form ASN.1 construct.

Exception Summary
ACCreationException This is an exception the tools can throw to notify that something went wrong during the process of creating an AC.