Package issrg.globus

Interface Summary
PermisAuthz This is the interface to the Authorization service for processing SAML requests.

Class Summary
GridSamlSender This class is a PermisAuthz implementation for the test client.
PermisAuthzServiceImpl This class is an implementation of Permis Authorization Service for Globus Toolkit v3.4.
SamlADF This is a standalone ADF.
SamlAEF This class represents a Saml AEF test application that will query a Saml ADF using SAML queries.
SamplePKI This PKI is a sample code.
SocketSamlSender This implementatino of PermisAuthz allows the SamlAEF test program to send SAMLRequests to the standalone SAML authorisation server.

Exception Summary
SamlException This class represents a SamlException that is usually thrown if an error occurs during processing of SAML messages.