Class ManagedPermisSubject

  extended by issrg.pba.rbac.PermisSubject
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
ManagedSubject, Subject

public class ManagedPermisSubject
extends PermisSubject
implements ManagedSubject

This is a Managed PERMIS Subject.

this class extends the PermisSubject class, then adds the Managed functionality, which is holding and returning the policy version number.

so that if the policy updates it's own version number this subject can be identified as being out of date.


Field Summary
Fields inherited from class issrg.pba.rbac.PermisSubject
owner, PolicyOID
Method Summary
 int policyVersionNumber()
          get the "update policy version" number.
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exportCreds, getHolder, getName, getOwner, getService
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exportCreds, getHolder, getOwner, getService

Method Detail


public int policyVersionNumber()
get the "update policy version" number.

Specified by:
policyVersionNumber in interface ManagedSubject
the policy version number
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