Interface Summary
SessionOriented This interface defines the standard way of logging users in.
Signer This interface provides all the necessary methods for signing.
Verifier This is the interface for verification of signatures on various objects.

Class Summary
DefaultSecurity This is the default security class.
DefaultVerifier This is the default implementation of a Verifier.
FilenameCallback This class represents a Filename Callback, which is used by CallbackHandler at the login stage.
GUICallbackHandler This is a CallbackHandler that can display a dialog per each invocation of handle method.
PKCRepository This class is the interface to a repository of X.509 PKCs.
PKCS12Security This class implements a security that uses a PKCS#12 file to authenticate the user and obtain the signing and signature verification keys.
Security Abstract class containing all required PKI operations.
TitleCallback This class represents a Callback that should be displayed as the title of the login process.

Exception Summary
SecurityException A mechanism for reporting errors within a Security object