Class SimplePERMISSignatureVerifier

  extended by issrg.simplePERMIS.SimplePERMISSignatureVerifier
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SimplePERMISSignatureVerifier
extends java.lang.Object
implements SignatureVerifier

This class provides an implementation of the SignatureVerifier for used by SimplePERMIS. It ignores the verification of signatures.


Constructor Summary
          Creates a new instance of SimpleSAMSignatureVerifier
Method Summary
 boolean checkSignature(byte[] Value, byte[] Signature, java.lang.String algorithmID, TokenLocator Signer)
          This method checks if the Signature for the given Value has been signed by the Signer.
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Constructor Detail


public SimplePERMISSignatureVerifier()
Creates a new instance of SimpleSAMSignatureVerifier

Method Detail


public boolean checkSignature(byte[] Value,
                              byte[] Signature,
                              java.lang.String algorithmID,
                              TokenLocator Signer)
                       throws PkiException
This method checks if the Signature for the given Value has been signed by the Signer. This is the default implementation. The method does not really check the signature but only check if the Value is an empty value or not. It returns true for all non-empty value.

Specified by:
checkSignature in interface SignatureVerifier
Value - is the byte array that had been signed
Signature - is the byte array of the resulting signature
algorithmID - is the String representation (dotted form) of the object identifier of the algorithm used for signing
Signer - is the Principal of the signer
true, if the Value is not null and the Value contains an arrange with the length greater than 0; false otherwise
PkiException - if any unrecoverable error occurs