Package issrg.utils.webdav

Interface Summary
WebDAVSocket This interface provides the steps required for a successful HTTP transaction.

Class Summary
COPY The WebDAV COPY method requests copying a resource to a different location on the server.
CustomiseWebDAV This class should be used to customise the components WebDAV uses.
DELETE The HTTP DELETE method requests that the resource specified be removed from the server.
GET The HTTP GET method requests a resource from a specific location on the server.
HEAD The HTTP HEAD method requests information about a resource but not the document itself.
HTTPMessage The HTTPMessage abstract class is the super class for creating implementations of HTTP methods.
LOCK The WebDAV LOCK method requests a resource be locked, returns a lock token on success used to unlock the resource, or let the client specify a time-out value in seconds.
MKCOL The WebDAV MKCOL method requests that a collection be created on the server.
MOVE The WebDAV MOVE method requests moving a resource to a different location on the server.
OPTIONS The HTTP OPTIONS method is used when the client wants to know what other methods can be used for the resource specified (or the server at large).
PROPFIND The WebDAV PROPFIND method requests properties defined on a resource.
PROPPATCH The WebDAV PROPPATCH method requests to set and/or remove properties, specified on the request body, defined on the resource.
PUT The HTTP/1.1 PUT method requests that the enclosed entity be stored or replace the resource at the specified location on the server.
UNLOCK The WebDAV UNLOCK method requests a resource be unlocked, given the correct lock token.
WebDAVSocketHTTP This class is the implementation of a Socket for use over a HTTP connection.
WebDAVSocketHTTPS This class is the implementation of a Socket for use over a HTTPS connection.

Exception Summary
HTTPMessageException Exception class used to catch various other exceptions in the webdav package.