Integrating VOMS and PERMIS for Superior Secure Grid Management (VPMan)

Funded under the JISC e-Infrastructure Programme

Project Start: 1 March 2007
Project End: 31 July 2008

Project Partners

Project Objectives

Both VOMS and PERMIS provide security management infrastructures for Grids. Each has its strengths and weaknesses and their combination will be a powerful solution to Grid security management as described below. Consequently, the objectives of this project are to:

Outline Project Description

The project started by gathering information about the various authorisation systems that are currently being used by grid systems, as well as gathering information from current VOMS users. The results of the information gathering are in the first project deliverable

D1.1 Requirements and Information Gathering (pdf).

The results of the VOMS users survey can be found in the third project deliverable

D1.3 Analysis of VOMS Users Survey Questionnaire (pdf)

The deliberations of the project team in determining the use cases to be supported can be found in the second project deliverable

D1.2 Use cases to be supported (pdf).

The project then produced a design document describing how VOMS and PERMIS will be integrated into GT4, OMII-UK, GT2/glite/LCAS. This lead to the deliverable

D2.1 VOMS-PERMIS integration design document (pdf).

Software Deliverables

As part of the project, we modified the PERMIS Policy Editor and Wizard so that it is able to create VOMS policies for grid resources. This led to the deliverable

D3.1 A modified PERMIS Policy Editor and Wizard with documentation and help files

which was delivered as the “PERMIS Policy Editor, v5.0, 9 Oct. 2008

D4.1 Beta software ready for validation and piloting.

We delivered the PERMIS/GT4 software to Glasgow in July 2007. OMII/PERMIS software was never delivered to Glasgow for testing, but Glasgow built a proof of concept test case showing how OMII-UK services (GridSAM) could be protected using VOMS attributes directly.

 D4.2 Preparation of test bed, services and portals

Glasgow built the test bed during 2007.

 D5.1 A paper for an international grid conference describing the piloting of the integrated VOMS-PERMIS software with GT4 and/or OMII-UK.

R.O. Sinnott, D.W.Chadwick, T. Doherty, D. Martin, A. Stell, G. Stewart, L. Su, J. Watt. “Advanced Security for Virtual Organizations: The Pros and Cons of Centralized vs Decentralized Security Models”. Proc. 8th IEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid (CCGrid 2008). May 19-22, 2008, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, Lyon, France.

D5.2 A paper for an international grid conference describing the piloting of the integrated authorization software utilizing Shibboleth and multiple Grid middleware (GT4 and OMII-UK) including how user single sign-on across a range of UK e-Science resources can be supported with fine grained authorisation.

R.O. Sinnott, A. Asenov, C. Bayliss, C. Davenhall, T. Doherty, B. Harbulot, M. Jones, D. Martin, C. Millar, G. Roy, S. Roy, G. Stewart, J. Watt.  “Integrating Security Solutions to Support nanoCMOS Electronics Research”. IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing Systems with Applications, Sydney Australia, December 2008.

D5.3 Document describing the overall lessons learned in supporting this infrastructure from a user, an administrator and a Grid developer perspective (this includes managers of the NGS and VO administrators wishing to utilize resources such as the NGS and end users of the NGS)

Unfortunately this was never delivered since the final integrated software was never put into operation at the NGS.

 D6.1 The integrated software packaged with GT4 and OMII-UK and fully integrated into the NGS

1. The PERMIS/GT4/VOMS download is available from
 and the actual software is at

2. The OMII-AuthZ 1.0.0 is downloadable in source code form from the OMII-UK website 

D6.2. User, developer and administrator documentation for the integrated VOMS-PERMIS package including support in a Shibboleth-enabled environment, with guidance to Grid Operations Support Centre on practicalities of usage.

1. The PERMIS/GT4/VOMS documentation is at

2. The OMII-AuthZ 1.0.0 is downloadable in source code form from the OMII-UK website

D6.3 Final report to JISC

The software was validated in a series of grid enabled applications that were developed at NeSC in Glasgow, such as the nano-CMOS project .

The original project plan can be downloaded from here(pdf).

The Completion Report to JISC can be downloaded here(as a pdf)..