Interface Utility

All Known Subinterfaces:
Editor, PrivilegeEditor
All Known Implementing Classes:
ACMDISSigningUtility, ACMLDAPBrowser, ACMRepositoryBrowserGUI, ACMWebDAVBrowser, AttributeEditor, DefaultSavingUtility, DefaultSigningUtility, DiskSavingUtility, LDAPSavingUtility, MultiChoiceSavingUtility, PMIXMLPolicyEditor, PrintableStringEditor, SavingUtility, SigningUtility, SimpleSigningUtility, ValidityEditor, WebDAVSavingUtility

public interface Utility

This is an abstract class for any Utility that can be used by the Privilege Allocation Tool. Each of the Utilities must implement registerMe method, which is called upon creation of the utility. All the necessary post-initialisation procedures may take place at that stage as well. It is suggested that at this point the utility registers with the Registry so other parts of the system would be able to invoke it by its name.

A Otenko

Method Summary
 void registerMe(Registry where)
          This is the method for registering a utility.

Method Detail


void registerMe(Registry where)
This is the method for registering a utility. The utility is supposed to call the specified Registry to create a named link to itself in the desired collection of utilities. After it has registered successfully, it can be called by anyone who knows its name. E.g. for AttributeEditors such name is the OID of the Attribute they create.