Package issrg.acm

Interface Summary
Editor This is the interface to all Editors attached to the buttons on the Privilege Allocator frame.
PrivilegeEditor The interface of which implementing classes provide suitable user interface to edit and input Privileges: Attributes, Extensions, etc.
Registry An interface for use with PrivilegeEditor interface.
Utility This is an abstract class for any Utility that can be used by the Privilege Allocation Tool.

Class Summary
AttributeEditor This is a class for AttributeEditor.
DateChooser Custom dialog box to enter dates.
DefaultSavingUtility This class defines the default behaviour of the Saving Utilities.
DefaultSigningUtility This is the default signing utility class.
DiskSavingUtility This is the default saving utility.
KernelApplication This class is the starting module of the Privilege Allocator.
KernelFrame This is the GUI Frame of the Privilege Allocator.
Manager This class is one of the central objects in the architecture, since it implements Registry interface, which is the storage of all references to the components of the system.
PolicySigningDialog Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
SavingUtility This is a base class for loading/saving ACs to a file.
SigningUtility This is a base class for signing things.
Util This is a class to contain useful routines.
ValidityEditor Created by IntelliJ IDEA.

Exception Summary
IllegalInputException This is an exception that is thrown when the user input is incorrect: nothing to be logged, therefore; it is not an internal error.