Interface RoleBasedAuthzTokenParser

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MultiAuthzTokenParser, RoleBasedACParser, SAMLAATokenParser, ShibbolethAuthzTokenParser, SimplePERMISTokenParser, VOMSSAMLAATokenParser, XMLAuthTokenParser

public interface RoleBasedAuthzTokenParser
extends AuthzTokenParser

This is the interface to the Role Based parser of Authorisation Tokens. The setRoleHierarchy method should be called before parsing can be performed, because the object will surely need the policy to at least verify that the roles extracted from the token, are defined.

Method Summary
 void setRoleHierarchy(RoleHierarchyPolicy rhp)
          Sets the Role Hierarchy Policy.
Methods inherited from interface issrg.pba.AuthzTokenParser
decode, getAuthzTokenParsingRules, getSignatureVerifier, setAuthzTokenParsingRules, setSignatureVerifier

Method Detail


void setRoleHierarchy(RoleHierarchyPolicy rhp)
Sets the Role Hierarchy Policy. The policy defines the types of the roles, the values of the roles of each type, and the hierarchical relationship between them.

rhp - is a reference to the Role Hierarchy