Package issrg.pba.rbac

Interface Summary
Argument This interface is the abstract argument to an Action.
Revocable This interface exists so that the URL to repositories holding the revoked certificate can be retrieved.
Role This interface represents a Role which is a unit of credential in RBAC.
RoleBasedAuthzTokenParser This is the interface to the Role Based parser of Authorisation Tokens.
RoleHierarchyNode This interface defines the methods that let the user know hierarchical relationship between two roles.
RoleHierarchyPolicy This interface provides the methods for enquiring the Role Hierarchy Policy.
SignatureVerifier This abstract class is the wrapper for the cryptographic functionality required to validate digital signatures.
ValidityPeriod This interface defines behaviour of a Validity Period used by ExpirableCredentials.

Class Summary
AbsoluteValidityPeriod This class represents a validity period, specified as two margins in time: the notBefore and notAfter times.
AdjustedPeriodCollection This is a collection of periods that are applied together.
AdjustedValidityPeriod This class represents a validity period with run-time rules.
AnyTimeValidityPeriod This validity period represents the whole eternity.
CacheRulesWithTime This class stores AssignmentRule(s) associated with one issuer.
Clock This is the abstract class that provides the RelativeValidityPeriod and decision with current time.
ContextNamePrincipal This class represents a context name, which is corresponding to the context name in a MSoD policy.
CustomisePERMIS This class should be used to customise the components PERMIS RBAC uses.
DecisionRecord This is the class for holding a granted decision record.
DefaultValidityPeriodBehaviour This class implements the default behaviour of the ValidityPeriod when computing intersections of two periods.
DNWithURLPrincipal DeprecatedThis class was used to help identify a Principal in a specific repository.
ExpirableCredentials This class is intended to provide expiration service, so that any given Credentials are constrained in the time dimension.
IntersectionValidityPeriod This class is an intersection of ValidityPeriods.
LDAPDNPrincipal This class represents a Principal whose name is an LDAP DN corresponding to RFC2253.
LDAPURLHandler This class handles LDAP URLs.
NowValidityPeriod This class represents a single point in time.
PermisAction This class represents the action that can be carried out on a target in the Permis project.
PermisArgument This class represents the Argument to the actions that Permis is using.
PermisCredentials This is the implementation of the credential for a role based scheme with a hierarchy.
PermisRBAC This is the Permis implementation of the PBAAPI.
PermisSubject The Permis implementation of a subject.
PermisTarget The Permis version of the Target that uses LDAP DNs or URLs.
PolicyFinder This is an abstract class that is designed for the PermisRBAC class to retrieve policies from different formats.
Record This is an abstract class for Permis-specific SAWS records
RelativeDate This class is just a holder of relative year, month, day, etc integers.
RelativeValidityPeriod This is a class representing a ValidityPeriod relative to the current time.
RetainedADI This is the class for managing retained ADI when history based decision is needed.
RoleBasedCredentials This is the implementation of a credential for a role based scheme.
SAWSLogLevelConstant This class contains the Permis-specific SAWS logging data constants
SetOfSubsetsCredentials This class implements the Credentials interface, as needed for representing the set of subsets.
StartedRecord This is the record to be logged in the SAWS server when permis is successfuly started
SubjectCredsRules This class stores the assertable credentials and set of AssignmentRule of a subject
SubsetCredentials This abstract class defines some basic behaviour, taking into account that a SetOfSubsets class exists.
SystemClock This class is the simplest implementation of the Clock interface and returns just system time to the caller.
Time This is an extension for evaluating Time expressions in the XML Policy.
TimeInterpreter This class interprets comparisons of Time values in IF-statements.
URLHandler This class is a constructor of various URL-related instances: Subtrees (for domain matching), Principals and Entries (for domain matching).
URLPrincipal This class implements a Principal interface, so it can be used as an identifier.
WebDAVURLHandler This class handles WebDAV URL's, with SSL client authentication details.

Exception Summary
BadURLException This class extends PbaException to notify specifically about malformed URL passed to a URLHandler.
PkiException This class represents a PKI exception condition.
PolicyParsingException This is the exception that is used when parsing the policy.