Class URLACPolicyFinder

  extended by issrg.pba.rbac.PolicyFinder
      extended by issrg.pba.rbac.x509.SimplePERMISACPolicyFinder
          extended by issrg.pba.rbac.x509.RepositoryACPolicyFinder
              extended by issrg.pba.rbac.x509.URLACPolicyFinder

public class URLACPolicyFinder
extends RepositoryACPolicyFinder

This is a simple extension of RepositoryACPolicyFinder that uses a single URL to identify a Repository with the policy in it. There must be a URLHandler that can build a AttributeRepository for the URL used in the constructor. See URLHandler documentation for the list of the URLHandlers available by default.

See Also:
URLHandler, CustomisePERMIS.addURLHandler(String)

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class issrg.pba.rbac.PolicyFinder
accessPolicy, allocationPolicy, authzTokenRepository, filepath, msodPolicySet, parsedPolicy, policyOID, satLevel, sawsServer, soa, sv, tokenParser
Constructor Summary
URLACPolicyFinder(java.lang.String uRL, java.lang.String PolicyId, SOA, SignatureVerifier SV)
          This constructor instantiates a URLACPolicyFinder by using a URL.
Method Summary
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Methods inherited from class issrg.pba.rbac.x509.SimplePERMISACPolicyFinder
Methods inherited from class issrg.pba.rbac.PolicyFinder
getAccessPolicy, getAllocationPolicy, getfilepath, getMSoDPolicy, getParsedPolicy, getPolicyOID, getRepository, getSATLevel, getSAWSServer, getSOA, getSV, removeSystemTag, SAWSCloseLog, setSV
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Constructor Detail


public URLACPolicyFinder(java.lang.String uRL,
                         java.lang.String PolicyId,
                         SignatureVerifier SV)
                  throws PbaException
This constructor instantiates a URLACPolicyFinder by using a URL. It is a shortcut for calling new RepositoryACPolicyFinder(URLHandler.getRepositoryByURL(uRL), PolicyId, SOA, SV)

uRL - - the URL of the repository; there must already be a URLHandler registered for this URL
PolicyId - - the identifier of the policy
SOA - - the issuer of the policy and the name of the entry in the repository with the Attribute Certificates
SV - - the SignatureVerifier used to validate signatures on the ACs; if null, no signature verification will be performed (NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PRODUCTION DEPLOYMENTS!)