Package issrg.pba.rbac.x509

Class Summary
IssuerEntry This class represents the entry of the issuer of the authorisation token.
RepositoryACPolicyFinder This PolicyFinder can locate a PERMIS policy in one of the ACs retrieved from the SOA's repository entry.
RoleBasedACParser This is the implementation of the AuthTokenParser that extracts Roles from the Attribute Certificates as defined by the Policy.
SimplePERMISACPolicyFinder This is a simple Policy Finder that can be instantiated from an instance of an X.509 Attribute Certificate.
URLACPolicyFinder This is a simple extension of RepositoryACPolicyFinder that uses a single URL to identify a Repository with the policy in it.

Exception Summary
SignatureVerificationFailedException This class extends PbaException and is thrown when signature verification on a X.509 AC fails.