Class SubRoles

  extended by java.awt.Component
      extended by java.awt.Container
          extended by javax.swing.JComponent
              extended by javax.swing.JPanel
                  extended by issrg.utils.gui.xml.AddDelList
                      extended by issrg.utils.gui.xml.NodeItemList
                          extended by issrg.policywizard.SubRoles
All Implemented Interfaces:
NodeSelectionListener, XMLChangeListener, java.awt.event.ActionListener, java.awt.event.MouseListener, java.awt.image.ImageObserver, java.awt.MenuContainer,, java.util.EventListener, javax.accessibility.Accessible, javax.swing.event.ListSelectionListener

public class SubRoles
extends NodeItemList
implements java.awt.event.ActionListener

Classname: SubRoles Description: This class contains the SubRoles component used for the RoleHierarchyPolicy. Date: 26th November 2005

Christian Azzopardi
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Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class javax.swing.JPanel
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class javax.swing.JComponent
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class java.awt.Container
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class java.awt.Component
java.awt.Component.AccessibleAWTComponent, java.awt.Component.BltBufferStrategy, java.awt.Component.FlipBufferStrategy
Field Summary
 javax.swing.JLabel availLbl
 javax.swing.JLabel supLbl
 javax.swing.JPanel tb
 javax.swing.JPanel txtSupPanel
Fields inherited from class issrg.utils.gui.xml.NodeItemList
nlist, xmlED
Fields inherited from class issrg.utils.gui.xml.AddDelList
addButton, addDisplay, constraints, deleteButton, deleteDisplay, items, listBox, listBoxDisplay, listData, popupMenu, replaceButton, replaceDisplay, scrollList, sizeOfPopupMenu, viewDisplay
Fields inherited from class javax.swing.JComponent
Fields inherited from class java.awt.Component
Fields inherited from interface java.awt.image.ImageObserver
Constructor Summary
SubRoles(XMLEditor that)
          Creates an instance of the SubRoles component.
Method Summary
 void actionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent e)
          On clicking of a button the respective abstract methods are then called.
 void addItem()
          Invoked when a user clicks on the '<' button.
 void deleteItem()
          Invoked when a user clicks on the '>' button.
 javax.swing.JPanel getContentPanel()
          A JPanel containing the basic panel.
 void NodeSelectionChanged(NodeSelectionEvent ev)
          When a node selection has been made, from the role values drop down list, this component will refresh the available roles list to display the roles that can be subroles to the selected node.
 void refreshView()
          Refreshes the GUI of this component.
 void replaceItem()
          An abstract method that is called when an item is to be replaced from a list.
 void setCaption(java.lang.String internalName, java.lang.String internationalName)
          Sets the text the component will show.
 void setEnabled(boolean enabled)
          Sets the component to be enabled or not.
 void setParentNode(org.w3c.dom.Node n)
          Remembers the Parent Node passed as a parameter and updates the List View
Methods inherited from class issrg.utils.gui.xml.NodeItemList
addItemAddedListener, addNodeChangeListener, FireItemAddedEvent, FireNodeSelectionChanged, getNodeList, getParentNode, getSelectedNode, ItemAddedChanged, itemSelected, removeItemAddedListener, removeNodeChangeListener, setNodeList, setNodeList, setSelectedNode, sortArgs, XMLChanged
Methods inherited from class issrg.utils.gui.xml.AddDelList
addComponent, convertYToRow, getListData, getSelectedIndex, mouseClicked, mouseEntered, mouseExited, mousePressed, mouseReleased, removeAddButton, removeDeleteButton, removeListBox, removeReplaceButton, setListData, setSelectedIndex, valueChanged
Methods inherited from class javax.swing.JPanel
getAccessibleContext, getUI, getUIClassID, paramString, setUI, updateUI
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addAncestorListener, addNotify, addVetoableChangeListener, computeVisibleRect, contains, createToolTip, disable, enable, firePropertyChange, firePropertyChange, firePropertyChange, fireVetoableChange, getActionForKeyStroke, getActionMap, getAlignmentX, getAlignmentY, getAncestorListeners, getAutoscrolls, getBorder, getBounds, getClientProperty, getComponentGraphics, getComponentPopupMenu, getConditionForKeyStroke, getDebugGraphicsOptions, getDefaultLocale, getFontMetrics, getGraphics, getHeight, getInheritsPopupMenu, getInputMap, getInputMap, getInputVerifier, getInsets, getInsets, getListeners, getLocation, getMaximumSize, getMinimumSize, getNextFocusableComponent, getPopupLocation, getPreferredSize, getRegisteredKeyStrokes, getRootPane, getSize, getToolTipLocation, getToolTipText, getToolTipText, getTopLevelAncestor, getTransferHandler, getVerifyInputWhenFocusTarget, getVetoableChangeListeners, getVisibleRect, getWidth, getX, getY, grabFocus, isDoubleBuffered, isLightweightComponent, isManagingFocus, isOpaque, isOptimizedDrawingEnabled, isPaintingTile, isRequestFocusEnabled, isValidateRoot, paint, paintBorder, paintChildren, paintComponent, paintImmediately, paintImmediately, print, printAll, printBorder, printChildren, printComponent, processComponentKeyEvent, processKeyBinding, processKeyEvent, processMouseEvent, processMouseMotionEvent, putClientProperty, registerKeyboardAction, registerKeyboardAction, removeAncestorListener, removeNotify, removeVetoableChangeListener, repaint, repaint, requestDefaultFocus, requestFocus, requestFocus, requestFocusInWindow, requestFocusInWindow, resetKeyboardActions, reshape, revalidate, scrollRectToVisible, setActionMap, setAlignmentX, setAlignmentY, setAutoscrolls, setBackground, setBorder, setComponentPopupMenu, setDebugGraphicsOptions, setDefaultLocale, setDoubleBuffered, setFocusTraversalKeys, setFont, setForeground, setInheritsPopupMenu, setInputMap, setInputVerifier, setMaximumSize, setMinimumSize, setNextFocusableComponent, setOpaque, setPreferredSize, setRequestFocusEnabled, setToolTipText, setTransferHandler, setUI, setVerifyInputWhenFocusTarget, setVisible, unregisterKeyboardAction, update
Methods inherited from class java.awt.Container
add, add, add, add, add, addContainerListener, addImpl, addPropertyChangeListener, addPropertyChangeListener, applyComponentOrientation, areFocusTraversalKeysSet, countComponents, deliverEvent, doLayout, findComponentAt, findComponentAt, getComponent, getComponentAt, getComponentAt, getComponentCount, getComponents, getComponentZOrder, getContainerListeners, getFocusTraversalKeys, getFocusTraversalPolicy, getLayout, getMousePosition, insets, invalidate, isAncestorOf, isFocusCycleRoot, isFocusCycleRoot, isFocusTraversalPolicyProvider, isFocusTraversalPolicySet, layout, list, list, locate, minimumSize, paintComponents, preferredSize, printComponents, processContainerEvent, processEvent, remove, remove, removeAll, removeContainerListener, setComponentZOrder, setFocusCycleRoot, setFocusTraversalPolicy, setFocusTraversalPolicyProvider, setLayout, transferFocusBackward, transferFocusDownCycle, validate, validateTree
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action, add, addComponentListener, addFocusListener, addHierarchyBoundsListener, addHierarchyListener, addInputMethodListener, addKeyListener, addMouseListener, addMouseMotionListener, addMouseWheelListener, bounds, checkImage, checkImage, coalesceEvents, contains, createImage, createImage, createVolatileImage, createVolatileImage, disableEvents, dispatchEvent, enable, enableEvents, enableInputMethods, firePropertyChange, firePropertyChange, firePropertyChange, firePropertyChange, firePropertyChange, firePropertyChange, getBackground, getBounds, getColorModel, getComponentListeners, getComponentOrientation, getCursor, getDropTarget, getFocusCycleRootAncestor, getFocusListeners, getFocusTraversalKeysEnabled, getFont, getForeground, getGraphicsConfiguration, getHierarchyBoundsListeners, getHierarchyListeners, getIgnoreRepaint, getInputContext, getInputMethodListeners, getInputMethodRequests, getKeyListeners, getLocale, getLocation, getLocationOnScreen, getMouseListeners, getMouseMotionListeners, getMousePosition, getMouseWheelListeners, getName, getParent, getPeer, getPropertyChangeListeners, getPropertyChangeListeners, getSize, getToolkit, getTreeLock, gotFocus, handleEvent, hasFocus, hide, imageUpdate, inside, isBackgroundSet, isCursorSet, isDisplayable, isEnabled, isFocusable, isFocusOwner, isFocusTraversable, isFontSet, isForegroundSet, isLightweight, isMaximumSizeSet, isMinimumSizeSet, isPreferredSizeSet, isShowing, isValid, isVisible, keyDown, keyUp, list, list, list, location, lostFocus, mouseDown, mouseDrag, mouseEnter, mouseExit, mouseMove, mouseUp, move, nextFocus, paintAll, postEvent, prepareImage, prepareImage, processComponentEvent, processFocusEvent, processHierarchyBoundsEvent, processHierarchyEvent, processInputMethodEvent, processMouseWheelEvent, remove, removeComponentListener, removeFocusListener, removeHierarchyBoundsListener, removeHierarchyListener, removeInputMethodListener, removeKeyListener, removeMouseListener, removeMouseMotionListener, removeMouseWheelListener, removePropertyChangeListener, removePropertyChangeListener, repaint, repaint, repaint, resize, resize, setBounds, setBounds, setComponentOrientation, setCursor, setDropTarget, setFocusable, setFocusTraversalKeysEnabled, setIgnoreRepaint, setLocale, setLocation, setLocation, setName, setSize, setSize, show, show, size, toString, transferFocus, transferFocusUpCycle
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


public javax.swing.JLabel supLbl


public javax.swing.JLabel availLbl


public javax.swing.JPanel tb


public javax.swing.JPanel txtSupPanel
Constructor Detail


public SubRoles(XMLEditor that)
Creates an instance of the SubRoles component.

Constructs the GUI.

Adds listeners to listen to XMLChangeEvents and NodeSelectionChangeEvents.

that - the XMLEditor that the SubRoles ccommponent will refer to.
Method Detail


public javax.swing.JPanel getContentPanel()
Description copied from class: AddDelList
A JPanel containing the basic panel. This creates the GUI of the AddDelList, and returns it.

getContentPanel in class AddDelList
The basic panel containing one list and 3 Buttons. The Buttons are themselves placed in panels.


public void addItem()
Invoked when a user clicks on the '<' button. The '<' Button is enabled when users select an available role value that can be a subrole to the selected superior role. This will add a role to the subroles list.

Specified by:
addItem in class AddDelList


public void deleteItem()
Invoked when a user clicks on the '>' button. The '>' Button is enabled when users select a sub role value.

This will delete the role value from the list of subroles of a particular selected superior Role Value.

Specified by:
deleteItem in class AddDelList


public void replaceItem()
Description copied from class: AddDelList
An abstract method that is called when an item is to be replaced from a list.

Specified by:
replaceItem in class AddDelList


public void refreshView()
Refreshes the GUI of this component. Normally called when an XMLChangeEvent has been fired.

Specified by:
refreshView in class NodeItemList


public void setCaption(java.lang.String internalName,
                       java.lang.String internationalName)
Sets the text the component will show.

setCaption in class AddDelList
internalName - The internal name used in the program.
internationalName - The international name to set the text to.


public void NodeSelectionChanged(NodeSelectionEvent ev)
When a node selection has been made, from the role values drop down list, this component will refresh the available roles list to display the roles that can be subroles to the selected node.

Specified by:
NodeSelectionChanged in interface NodeSelectionListener
NodeSelectionChanged in class NodeItemList


public void setParentNode(org.w3c.dom.Node n)
Description copied from class: NodeItemList
Remembers the Parent Node passed as a parameter and updates the List View

setParentNode in class NodeItemList
n - The node to Set as Parent Node


public void setEnabled(boolean enabled)
Sets the component to be enabled or not. Will Grey all the components that make it up when disabed.

setEnabled in class javax.swing.JComponent
enabled - boolean value to set.


public void actionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent e)
Description copied from class: AddDelList
On clicking of a button the respective abstract methods are then called.

The ListBox can also be made to clear its selection, by right clicking on the listbox and clicking on the clear selection pop up menu.

Specified by:
actionPerformed in interface java.awt.event.ActionListener
actionPerformed in class AddDelList