Package issrg.policywizard

Class Summary
BottomButtonPanel A Panel consisting of three Buttons, all on the same row.
PermisPolicyWizard_WestPanel This class defines the panel that is used on the left hand side of the wizard, and displays the PERMIS policy wizard logo vertically, and the version number underneath.
PWizard The Main Class for the Policy Wizard.
PWizard_Splash_Window This class provides the splash screen for the loading of the Policy Wizard.
RoleHierarchyPolicy Classname: RoleHierarchyPolicy Description: This class contains the Role Hierarchy Policy components to be placed in the Wizard.
RoleTypes This is a similar Class to the in the PE, although this does not have a drop down list for adding roles, but role types are defined in it.
RoleValues This class handles the Role Values of the Role Hierarchy Policy.
SubRoles Classname: SubRoles Description: This class contains the SubRoles component used for the RoleHierarchyPolicy.
URLItemList Class that displays a list, an add/replace/delete button to add/replace/delete to and from the list, and a textfield to enter http locations.
WSDLItemList Class that displays a list and an add and delete button to add/delete to and from the list.