Package issrg.utils.gui.ifcondition

Interface Summary

Class Summary
AdvancedConditionsTable This class extends ConditionsTable and adds another Column, which is an Add button to create more rows.
ConditionOnComboBox This Class populates the ComboBox for the Condition On.
ConditionsTable ConditionsTable creates a table for creating IF conditions.
ConditionsTableCellEditor This Class justifies what occurs on editing the conditions table.
ConditionsTableCellRenderer This Table Cell renderer, is used to return any JComponent inside the cells.
EditableComboBox Creates an instance of a JComboBox, that a user can edit, and when enter is pressed the item is added to the dropdown list.
IFConstraintsPanelSimple This class will display the appropriate panel for creating the If conditions, be the advanced or the simple panel, and will be displayed in the TargetAccessPolicy tabs when the user clicks the Conditions button.
OperatorComboBox Class that creates a drop down list with the operators that concern the given Variable Type.