Package issrg.utils.gui.repository

Interface Summary
DITSelectionListener This interface contains the methods that are called by the LDAP_DIT object in event an entry is selected or unselected.

Class Summary
AttributeComboBox This class obtains a dropdown list which it populates with the list of attributes of a specified tag.
LDAP_DIT This is a component that displays the LDAP DIT
LDAP_DITTreeCellRenderer The TreeCellRenderer to display the LDAP tree with the right colours.
LDAPMultiBrowser An extension of the LDAP_DIT component.
WebDAV_DIT The WebDAV_DIT class is a JPanel which has a single JTree in its Content Pane , which will display the Directory Information Tree for the WebDAV server.
WebDAVMultiBrowser An extension of the WebDAV_DIT component.