Package issrg.utils

Class Summary
EnvironmentalVariables This class is a declaration of variable names for the operational Environment of the Privilege Allocator.
FileUtility Utility class for working with files on the local file store.
ParsedURL This class provides methods for splitting a URL into an array of strings.
RFC2253NameParser This is an implementation of an RFC2253 LDAP DN parser.
SpringUtilities A 1.4 file that provides utility methods for creating form- or grid-style layouts with SpringLayout.
TimeZoneUtil This class contains utility methods for dealing with TimeZones.
Util This is a class that contains useful routines.
Version This class stores the version information about a given package.
WebdavUtil This is a static class which is supposed to do the webdav related issues.

Exception Summary
EmbeddedException This exception object is supposed for use with other exceptions that you do not want to pass to the caller, but still want your caller to get all the debug information possible.
ExceptionPairException This exception is designed for use within a multithreaded environment, where you may wish to collect all the exceptions that any threads have ever thrown, and display them as one.
RFC2253ParsingException This exception is thrown by RFC2253 parser if there is a problem with the LDAP DN string.