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Stable PE Version Log:

Date Version Bug Fixes Additions
22-08-2011 5.2.6 -
  • Added support of privacy policies
22-08-2011 5.2.5
  • Changed the tags used in the generated XACML policies to align with the standalone server
20-06-2011 5.2.4
  • Changed the generated XACML policies to "open world" policies
  • Changed the structure of the PolicySet of sub roles
  • Embed the CNL policy as a comment in the generated XACML/PERMIS/RDF policy.
22-05-2011 5.2.3
  • Updated XACML policies generated by the CNL interface.
14-02-2011 5.2.2
  • Fixed the problem of loading LDAP/WEDDAV configurations.
16-11-2010 5.2.1 -
  • Entities' LDAPDN/URL information will be populated while generating policies in PERMIS or XACML format
  • A configuration tab for the entity supplement information
11-10-2010 5.2.0 -
  • New export formats: XACML and RDF
  • Updated Gate version to 6.0
04-11-2009 5.1.1
  • Allow multiple targets in roles' priveleges tabs
  • Use permisRole as default role/attribute type when no attribute is selected
  • Updated the example sentences of the natural language interface
  • An instruction box is shown before loading the natural language interface
  • Changed the prompt messages when failed to parse a sentence
26-04-2009 5.1.0
  • Fixed the stability problem the NLP module
  • Removed the constrain that there must be a preposition between a verbs and nouns
  • Removed the constrain that a sentence has to end with a full stop
16-03-2009 5.0.2
  • Fixed some problems of synchronizations between radio buttons and tree views
  • Added support for SOA domain
  • Changed the layout of buttons in Subject, Resource and Administrtor tabs
21-10-2008 5.0.1
  • Some minor changes of UI behavior, such as slide bar and log area
  • Add help content of grammars and limitations
  • Add support for anyone/anywhere/anything
  • Prompt the fatal error message if GATE engine crashes, it seems the engine is very easy to crash after a failed parsing.
  • Enable copying from the text area after GATE engine crashes, this is used to save the text has already been typed./li>
09-10-2008 5.0.0
  • Updated the policy schema to PERMIS Version 5
  • Add a switch option of natural language dialog to control the logging level
03-10-2008 4.0.22
  • The import from text dialog can be minimised to the status bar now
  • Update the example text
29-08-2008 4.0.21
  • Fixed the configuration problem of ACM tool
  • Fixed background colour of several inactive panels
14-08-2008 4.0.20
  • Fixed wrong URLs generated for shibboleth IdP DNS
  • Fixed the problem of deleting/modifying an target domain
  • Automatically verifying policy in loading, saving (as), signing and publishing a policy
  • Provide detailed information and action options in policy verification
11-08-2008 4.0.19
  • Fixed several bugs in natural language representation
  • Updated Policy Editor according to the latest PERMIS policy schema (Version 5)
  • Full features for authoring policy with English
  • Initialization runs in a separated thread
  • Unparsed sentences will be highlighted
09-01-2008 4.0.17
  • Fixed several bugs in subject tree
  • Shut down LDAP connection when connection is not available - no more overhead hanging
  • The LDAP configuration button now loads the correct configuration
  • Modification made to MultiLDAPBrowser to allow subclasses to use some of the important superclass variables
  • Added many new Icons on PT GUI for user friendliness
  • Added Refresh button for LDAP connection in Subject window
04-01-2008 4.0.16
  • Fixed the issue with signature checking on policies
  • Fixed some problems with subject editor buttons
  • Fixed LDAP timeout issue
  • User can now add/delete local ACs and role text files by simple right clicking on the subject tree
  • User can also select/deselect a file directly from the subject tree
26-11-2007 4.0.15
  • Update English for more lables.
  • Fix the format of DN name generated by WebDAV.
  • Fix the the problem of can not add role/attribute type.
  • Allow user to author policy with English.
  • Add standard context menu to text fields.
15-10-2007 4.0.13
  • Fix English for some lables.
  • Fix the bug of multiple URLs in Policy Wizard.
  • Add Configuration item in LDAP and WebDAV connection list.
  • Add different default values for permisRole and other attributes.
  • Add a default page for Admin priviledge tab and user privilege tab in Policy Wizard
05-10-2007 4.0.12 -
  • Add Obligation policy to Policy Editor.
  • The policy writer can write different types of obligtion policy: user account, email and coordination obligation
12-09-2007 4.0.11
  • Fixed various bugs related to LDAP and WebDAV configuration.
  • Fixed the problem of can not open valid PERMIS policy with extention name other than .xml.
  • Fixed natural language part for All targets.
  • Fixed wrong filename filter when openning text AC files in Policy Tester.
  • Add help manual to Policy Tester.
  • Re-implement the result display area in Policy Tester. Added a button in the display area to hide details informations generated by the decision engine
24-07-2007 4.0.10
  • Fixed the bug of can not delete action.
  • Fixed the problem of picking up of role text AC bugs in Policy Tester.
  • Fixed some button functions in Policy Tester.
  • Fixed version problem in Policy Tester.
  • Allow multiple targets bound to one action.
19-06-2007 4.0.8
  • Fixed the bug of rejecting actions without augements in Policy Tester.
18-06-2007 4.0.8
  • Fixed the bugs of editting and showing conditions in Policy Editor.
  • Improve the decision output in Policy Tester.
  • Make environment varibles working in Policy Tester.
09-05-2007 4.0.7
  • WebDAV connection fail message is shown by the tree view instead of an message box.
  • Tree view is grayed out when it is disabeld or connection is unavailable.
  • Fixed the bug of wrong LDAP string generated by PW.
  • Fixed the bug of verifying empty policy file.
24-04-2007 4.0.4
  • WebDAV connection is optional now.
  • Added Policy Tester package
15-04-2007 4.0.3
  • Fixed batch file problem on some platforms
05-04-2007 4.0.1
  • Fixed the text disappearing bug
  • Added support for WebDAV
  • Added a welcome screen
  • Added a toolbar
  • Change font for help content
19-02-2007 4.0.0 -
  • Added support for the new Action Splitting scheme allowing for spaces in Action names
08-01-2007 2.18.25
  • Add inheritance calculation in natural language expression.
10-10-2006 2.18.24 -
  • Combination of Policy Editor and Policy Wizard into one combined download package.
22-9-2006 2.18.23
  • Pressing CR after selecting a User Role Type will add the Type.
  • Setting up Environmental Parameters has a list of supported Data Types.
  • User Privileges - After selecting a Role Value, CR performs the function of Add role.
  • User Privileges - After selecting an Available Function CR performs the Add Function.
12-9-2006 2.18.22
  • Account Administrators Privilege Tabs.
  • Better component resizing for Account Administrator Privilege and Users' Privilege Tabs.
  • Better WSDL support. Once a target is included, its actions will appear in the preloaded action list.
  • User's Role window: Removed bottom readable policy and moved it to the side.
  • User's Role window: Superior Role Drop Down List, Remembers Selections when Role Hierarchy is formed.
  • Users' Privilege: No need for users to specify the target that actions are performed on. The PE Automatically does this.
  • User Account Administrators: LDAP/URL/Shibboleth selections auto grab focus in their respective text fields.
  • IF Conditions - Added negative (NOT) Values for some data types.
6-9-2006 2.18.19
  • Arranged Target Drop Down Lists. Previously, URL targets would appear in the LDAP DN Target List.
5-9-2006 2.18.18
  • Policy Names can be any String and not only OID Format.
  • Added a drop down list to ease the way Role Hierarchies are specified.
  • Relevant Sections of the window light up to hint the user what is needed.
  • Arranged Delegation Memory Bug.
  • Tutorial files updated.
  • Modifications to natural language conversion.
  • More Operations on certain types in IF Conditions.
  • Saving As in different directories - other that the home dir.
  • Disabled Selection from LDAP when this is disabled.
  • Added simple validations for URL and LDAP DN Fields.
  • WSDL File Support.
  • Account Administrators can be specified with Shibboleth IdP DNS names.
3-8-2006 2.18.16 -
  • TAP File Support
- 2.18.13
  • Signing and Publishing.
  • Retrieving Policies from an LDAP Server.
  • IF Conditions.
- 2.18.11
  • Updated Help File to suit the Current Version.
  • All Tabs Load when opening/creating a policy.
  • IF Conditions.
  • Retrieve Policy from LDAP.
  • Error Logger.
  • Bottom Status Bar.
- 2.0.0 -
  • Buttons being enabled/disabled help aid the users understanding for creating a policy.
  • PERMISPolicyValidator, will only load a valid policy.
  • The lists are sorted alphabetically so that the user will find anything he might be looking for quicker.
  • MultiLDAPBrowser, allows the user to change the current LDAP server to any server that was pre-configured in the LDAP Directory configuration dialog.
  • Domain Policy Trees will display all DomainSpecs available so that they can be easily reviewed and modified.
- 2.0.0 Beta 1 -
  • Completely new design and layout.
  • The application can display many policies at once in different windows, each being subdivided and portrayed in tabs.
  • Each tab allows the user to read the policy created within, in plain English.
  • The windows are resizable to suit resolutions?needs.
  • The Editor can be easily internationalised
  • Multiple different attribute/role types supported
  • No/any role value supported in User's Privileges

Last updated 20 July 2011