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Stable PT Version Log:

Date Version Bug Fixes Additions
22-05-2011 5.0.2
  • Added a help page of role text files.
31-10-2008 5.0.1
  • Management configuration tab should be easier to use
  • Configuration of LDAP should be more intuitive
  • Added the ability to check the contents of the key stores.
13-10-2008 5.0.0
  • Text based attributes are now working
  • AC attributes are now working
  • The decision engine now makes use of version 5 policies.
  • Added the possibility to use dynamic policy updates (in conjunction with PM)
  • Testing should be more efficient now since only one engine gets created
11-03-2008 1.0.61
  • Repository GUI unified
  • Fixed a bug in WebDAV configuration
  • PT automatically populate the nickname field with the value from the last RDN, so that the user can add the subject easily.
  • Improvement made to Action Tab UI
02-02-2008 1.0.60
  • Fixed serveral typos in PT labels
  • Added new image icons for UI components
20-01-2008 1.0.59
  • Configuration change will be reflected immediately on all repository components
  • Improved repository connection information
09-01-2008 1.0.58
  • Fixed several bugs in subject tree
  • Shut down LDAP connection when connection is not available - no more overhead hanging
  • The LDAP configuration button now loads the correct PT configuration
  • Modification made to MultiLDAPBrowser to allow subclasses to use some of the important superclass variables
  • Added many new Icons on PT GUI for user friendliness
  • Added Refresh button for LDAP connection in Subject window


PT Bug Summary

Bug Number Bug Description Priority Current Status Additional Notes
1. Major problem is code copying and pasting rather than subclassing. Hence double the debug and coding effort High Unresolved This will be covered during the re-engineering process.
2. Change PT Subject, Action and Environment to
Users, Functions and Resources in all occurrences
Medium Unresolved This will be covered during the re-engineering process.
3. Retrieve Policy ACs and Role ACs from WebDAV Repositories Medium Unresolved  
4. When picking a user from LDAP through navigation, then the user is not able to click Add because he has not typed in a Nickname. PT should automatically populate the nickname field with the value from the last RDN, so that the user can add the subject easily. Medium Resolved  
5. When selecting a policy, user should be able to navigate LDAP and pick a policy AC from there instead of only being able to pick from a file. Medium Unresolved  
6. Action. Add a nickname for an action. Press Add. Popup asks Do you want to have an empty action. Two bugs. Firstly the pop up should say Do you want to test the null (empty) action? Secondly, if you say Yes it does not work. It comes up with another pop up box Parameter name cannot be empty. But it should tick the No Parameters box and add the empty action. Medium Resolved  
7. In Action Panel. No Parameters is next to the Available Actions and it is not clear that the table below is for Parameters. PT needs to add a bar above the top of Name, Type etc which says Parameters for the Action, and in this bar has the No Parameters tick box.
Medium Resolved  
8. Available Actions is confusing because the list is empty and none are available. PT need to say (Select an Action or enter a New Action) Medium Resolved  
9. The DOS screen is full of bug reports after it has been used for a while. This window should remain empty if everything is working OK. Medium Unresolved  
10 When start up PT, connection panel says LDAP is unavailable which is confusing because a user may have just used LDAP a few mins ago when he/she last ran PT. This should be changed to [Click Refresh to see if LDAP is available] then after Refresh is pressed, PT either display the LDAP tree or display the popup message "LDAP is unavailable" with an OK to clear it from the screen. Medium Resolved  
11. When changing the LDAP configuration the new changes are not reflected in the open Subject window. User have to close the existing test and open it again to get the latest state of the LDAP connections. This should be reflected immediately after changing a config. Medium Resolved  

Last updated 20 July 2011