Package issrg.pba

Interface Summary
Action This is an interface to the Action object, used in decision-making.
AuthzTokenParser This interface defines the method needed for extracting the known Credentials from Authorisation Tokens.
Credentials This class implements the Credentials: the initiator's Access Decision Information (ADI) in terms of the ISO 10181-3 access control (authorisation) framework.
CredentialsService This interface defines a call-back mechanism to let the AEF (Access decision Enforcement Function; refer to ISO 10181-3 access control framework) define its own criteria for credential usage.
DelegatableToken This interface represents a implementation-independent Delegatable Authorisation Token.
Obligation The interface to access an obligation.
Obligations The interface to a set of obligations.
ParsedToken This interface represents a implementation-independent Authorisation Token.
PBAAPI This is a generic Privilege Based Access Control interface.
PolicyParser This interface defines the methods on the policy parser.
Response This interface is the interface for accessing the authorisation response returned by the PermisRBAC.
Subject This is an interface defining basic operations on a Subject.
Target This is the interface to a target object.

Class Summary
Constants this class specifies all of the attribute names, which will be used to indicate what token parser will be used to parse this attribute.
DefaultDelegatableToken This is the default Delegatable Parsed Token implementation.
DefaultParsedToken This is the default Parsed Token implementation.
PERMISResponse This class implements the Response interface, providing a way to create objects that provide the Response interface.
SimpleObligation This class implements the Obligation Interface, and provides a way to construct Obligation Object based on a PolicyXMLNode.
SimpleObligations This class implements the interface Obligations, and provides a constructor to construct an instance based on a PolicyXMLNode object.

Exception Summary
DecisionWithObligationException This class represents a special type of PbaException, DecisionWithObligationException, which is thrown by the traditional decision method of PBAAPI, if the decision cannot be enforced without enforcing the Obligations, i.e. this Exception is thrown when enforcing a simple boolean decision is not sufficient to meet the security requirements of the system.
PbaException This is an exception to be thrown by PBA API implementations in cases of need.