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PERMIS Decision Engine

Install a PERMIS decision engine and test it

In order to do this you will need the following components (PERMIS is developed using Java. We assume here that you have Java installed on your machine.)
1. PERMIS RBAC (version 5.0.2). This is the java package you will need for your application to make authorisation decisions. you will need to put this package into a place where java can find it according to the classpath variable of the java runtime environment.
2. The Test Application allows users to test a variety of different types of configurations against a fully functioning PERMIS decision engine. It currently supports both XML and AC policies as well as text and certificate based role attributes. It can also be used to access certificates in an LDAP server and to perform Simple(X.509) signature verification.

From following links, you may find previous releases of PERMIS RBAC and corresponding test applications.

This version of the PERMIS RBAC supports the latest schema which can be found here.

1. It would also be helpful if you have already installed and tested the PERMIS Policy Editor, so that you can use it to create test policies for your PERMIS decision engine
2. If you want to explore more about PERMIS and download other components, please go to the download page of PERMIS.

Tutorial Materials

The Installing and Configuring PERMIS document is a simple step by step cookbook for getting you started with the PERMIS API using the provided test application. The PERMIS API Tutorial is a shorter document that explains in less detail how the PERMIS API and its RBAC implementation are intended to work and it suggests a couple of examples in Java. The sample LDIF file is also provided for the tutorial.

Last updated 20 July 2011