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Known bugs

(Check the FAQ for solutions as well)

There was an inconsistency detected with implicit/explicit encoding. The ACs produced by the original tool (the PA) were initially encoded with explicit tag encodings (from the 1997 PKIX AC profile recommendation), but this is not consistent with the current PKIX profile, which suggest implicit tag encoding.

The ACM creates Implicitly tagged ACs, and can understand both Implicitly and Explicitly tagged ACs. However, the third party code that is used to produce the GeneralNames construct, uses Explicit tagging, creating an illegally encoded AC. A temporary workaround is needed. You can tell the PA to use Explicit encoding throughout by setting the AC.UseExplicitTagEncoding variable in the pa.cfg file.

Entrust users should NOT install JRE 1.4, but use an earlier version of the JVM. We do not provide an Entrust Java toolkit that is compatible with JRE 1.4, as we are performing compatibility tests of the latest release.

A JAR utility is not included in JRE, so developers of utilities must provide their users with a .JAR file with the correct manifest file in it, or update the kernel_app.BAT file and specify the additional class-path settings.

Last updated 20 July 2011