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Use PERMIS to protect a Shibboleth Service Provider

The PERMIS Shibboleth Apache Authorisation Module (SAAM) is an Apache module that uses PERMIS to control access to websites that use either Apache or Shibboleth to provide user authentication.

In order to install PERMIS SAAM you will need the following components:

1. The Shibboleth-Apache Authorisation Module, v5.0.3
2. The PERMIS SAAM Installation Cookbook Part 1 Shibboleth Instructions
3. The PERMIS SAAM Test Guide that allows you to be sure that SAAM is correctly installed
4. The PERMIS Policy Editor so that you can create the policy for protecting your web site
5. Using PERMIS with HTTP handbook

The previous releases of SAAM can be found here

1. If you already have an installed LDAP directory with write access to it, then you will be able to store your policies in it
2. If you already have a PKI key pair in PKCS#12 format, you will be able to digitally sign your policy prior to storing it.

If you have any problems with installing SAAM please read the SAAM debug information document

Further Details

Go to the Shibboleth PERMIS integration web page to get more information.

Last updated 20 July 2011