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PERMIS is a sophisticated package with many different features. It takes time to learn how to use all the different components. We advise you to learn how to use PERMIS in stages. You should learn how to use the level 1 (entry level) components before you start to use the level 2 components, and similarly learn how to use the level 2 components before you start to use the level 3 components. This is because the higher level components utilise the services of the lower level components.

What do you want to do?

Level 1 Downloads

1. Create a PERMIS policy
2. Give a privilege attribute to someone
3. Bulk load Attribute Certificates into an LDAP directory
4. Create a secure audit log
5. Find some useful Tools for working with a PERMIS infrastructure

Level 2 Downloads

6. Dynamically update policies using the PM/PT combination
7. Install a PERMIS decision engine and test it
8. Simple PERMIS

Level 3 Downloads

9. Run a standalone SAML PDP
10. Use PERMIS with Globus Toolkit
11. Use PERMIS to protect Apache web based resources
12. Use PERMIS to protect a Shibboleth Service Provider
13. Allow users to dynamically delegate authority to other users
14. Integrate PERMIS into Python programs
15. Use PERMIS to protect Microsoft .NET web services
16. Use either a PERMIS or an XACML PDP to Coordinate Services with GT4
17. Use and Test PERMIS with Multi-Session Separation of Duty
18. Install a standalone PERMIS Authorisation Server
19. Protect Web Applications using PERMIS

Last updated 20 July 2011