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Pre-release version 0.1

 This is a standalone Access Control Decision Function (ADF) or Policy Decision Point (PDP). It can be run as a stand alone server that will accept incoming SAML Authorisation Decision Requests and will respond with SAML Authorisation Decision Responses. It is configured with a PERMIS RBAC policy that is similar to the Policy in the Test Application that you used when you installed a PERMIS decision engine and tested it.

The package also has a sample Policy Enforcement Point (PEP) or Access Control Enforcement Function (AEF) and a limited set of X.509 Attribute Certificates (ACs) for testing. The interface of the SAML PEP is very similar to the Sample AEF described in the Tutorial. You may borrow configuration files and ACs from the Tutorial to configure the SAML PDP.

Download, unzip and follow the instructions in RELNOTES.

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    Last updated 20 July 2011