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Published papers

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Internet Draft

The PERMIS X.509 Based Privilege Management Infrastructure

Latest PERMIS Policy Schema

The latest policy schema can be found here: PERMIS Policy Schema Version 5.6. All software packages that start with a version number of 5 expect this schema. Consequently they will not work when using a policy that doesn't obey this schema. In particular policies created with the Policy Editor with a version number less than 5 don't follow this schema.
Latest changes
Version 5.6 added a new policy parameter "EnableNotApplicable" which allows the PDP to choose between a mode of operation where results which are neither Permit nor Indeterminate will return NotApplicable (EnableNotApplicable set to true) or a mode where Deny is returned instead (EnableNotApplicabke set to false - default behaviour).

The older version of the PERMIS schema, now deprecated, can be downloaded from here.

PERMIS Policy DTD Version 42 - the DTD for the PERMIS Policy and Sub-Policies. The DTD contains inline comments about the meaning of the elements.

PERMIS Policy Schema Version 42 - the schema for the PERMIS Policy and Sub-Policies.

Programmers Documentation

All ISSRG classes - the documentation for all packages we produced, including Privilege Allocator and PBA API. 

Decision Making In PERMIS - this document discusses how the core PERMIS API should make its decisions and how the returned responses and exceptions should be translated into one of the four possible XACML decisions (Grant, Deny, Indeterminate, NotApplicable).  

Programmers Guide - Programming with the PERMIS API. Here are the examples (and libraries) to supplement the Programmers Guide. Registration required.

Related documents

AZN API documentation contains a short description of the Access Control model we use. However, it is a C API, so that is where the similarities end. Note that the model corresponds to the ISO10181-3 Access Control Framework, which describes the model under which PERMIS was conceived and built

Last updated 20 July 2011