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If you encounter any problems or difficulties installing or configuring PERMIS, firstly please read our FAQ.

Then look through the archives of our mailing lists. These archives can be found here for the user list and here for the development list.

We provide support on our mailing lists which are

permis-users AT
This list is for users of the PERMIS infrastructure and for administrators seeking help with installing and properly configuring the PERMIS infrastructure into their integrated application such as Shibboleth or GT4. To subscribe send an email to with "subscribe permis-users <forename surname>" in the body e.g. "subscribe permis-users david chadwick" .
permis-dev AT
This list is for software developers that are building PERMIS into their applications in order for PERMIS to make authorisation decisions for their applications. To subscribe send an email to with "subscribe permis-dev <forename surname>" in the body e.g. "subscribe permis-dev david chadwick"

Last updated 20 July 2011